6 Jul 2013

A graduation, a walk and a dinner

Friday afternoon. I finish my classes and I rush to the city center where a couple of friends are waiting for me, and for my camera. I barely have time for lunch, but today is an important day for Pangky, and I can't be late. Today she has the Graduation Ceremony at the University, and it's a great chance for me to see how they celebrate a graduation in this part of the world. 

Flowers, GH3 + Olympus M. Zuiko 45mm

We are a small group of friends there, every one of us bringing a gift (a teddy bear, a bouquet of flowers, a number plate with the year of graduation), but all of them (except me) are Thai, so I stay mostly in the "suburbs" of the conversations and focus on taking pictures. All the graduates wear bright, shiny uniforms with different colors depending on the degree, and roam around the university grounds followed by a cohort of friends and relatives.

Pangky's portrairt, GH3 + Olympus M. Zuiko 45mm

It's really hot today, and there are hundreds of people in the university, so we walk slowly and wait in line for our turn to pose in front of one of the multiple fancy backgrounds that the university has set up all around the campus. But Pangky is original and she likes going against the tide, so she takes any chance she encounters to find a more suitable context for her pictures.

Fancy driver, GH3 + Olympus M. Zuiko 45mm

Granted, we had lots of fun and laughs today, she is very disinhibited and always manages to drag everyone around in her own direction. But we were tired of being surrounded by hordes of identical students and presents, so we decided to leave the campus and walk to a restaurant were we could sit down, chill, eat and drink! On the way there, besides, I had the chance to shoot some random pedestrians who caught my attention.

Offspring, GH3 + Olympus M. Zuiko 45mm 

A break in the walk, GH3 + Olympus M. Zuiko 45mm

The restaurant was run by Pangky's family, so we had an abundant and delicious dinner in a big, noisy table. Dishes came and went by at high speed, as were the drinks, cause we all were thirsty and hungry, and it seemed everybody still had many things to say.

Thai salad, GH3 + Olympus M. Zuiko 45mm

Some of the people stayed at the restaurant longer, but I was tired, it was getting late, and I still had some work to do, so I left the restaurant and took a bus to return home. But I still had time to catch a last image as I was approaching home with the last lights of such a long, funny day. Oh! I almost forgot: congratulations, Pangky!

Dcondo, GH3 + Lumix G X Vario 12-35mm

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