5 Aug 2013

A weekeend at Salaburi in 2 stills

For the third consecutive August, I have been invited to spend one weekend as part of the Triamudom Suksa School Spanish Camp, that brings all Spanish students from the school outside of Bangkok for a weekend. We were around 10 teachers and roughly 100 students, and we had to organize plenty of activities to cover 2 full days, morning to evening, from cooking to watching movies and other playful activities. We were quite busy most of the time and, in the few breaks we could find, having a nap was always top on my priority list. All in all, I had not many chances to take my camera out of the bag, so there are not many pictorial memoryshots from the weekend. Only 2 stills have made the cut to reach the blog, as a very condensed summary of a pretty intense couple of days: a moment of salivation, and a moment of relax when the kids were supposedly sleeping. See you again next year!

 Buñuelos, GH3 + Lumix G X Vario 12-35mm

Reflections and frames, GH3 + Lumix G X Vario 12-35mm

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