23 Oct 2013

A short morning walk @ Pratunam in a few pictures

There was a short notice photowalk organized by the local photographers club this morning and, as I had day off and no plans at all, I woke up unusually early for such a day and took a boat downtown. We were a small group this time, which was expected considering the nature of the walk and, as soon as we were all gathered, the stroll started. First step: a small Chinese temple hidden in the bank of the canal.

First floor board, GH3 + Lumix GX Vario 12-35mm 
Second floor board, GH3 + Lumix GX Vario 12-35mm
The temple was silent and covered by a cool darkness, and entering it felt like trespassing some ancient, unknown gate leading to a secluded universe, for it was all discordant with the surroundings and untouched for probably tens of years.

Still life at the storeroom, GH3 + Lumix GX Vario 12-35mm
Once we had all explored the four corners of the old building, we walked along Pratunam streets, which are always busy no matter the time of the day or day of the week, on our way to another small area which is just meters away from the crowded malls that populate this area, but that I had never noticed before, hidden as it is behind a disguised wall, on the other side of the canal.

The throne, GH3 + Lumix GX Vario 12-35mm
One person restaurant, GH3 + Lumix GX Vario 12-35mm
And, as quickly as it started, the walk was suddenly over. A short one today, but it let me discover a couple of interesting new places that I had passed by countless times with blind eyes. Bangkok gets bigger with every little discovery!

A pice of Bangkok, GH3 + Lumix GX Vario 12-35mm

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